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Introduction to DevLib


DevLib is an object-oriented framework written in pure C++. It is designed to make multimedia productions (games, screen-savers, demos..) easier and more intuitive to write. Consequences are a complete abstraction of resources management (fonts, images, 3D meshes, files, zip-archives, sounds..) and rendering operations through 3D hardware. The goal of the library is to provide a set of routines used in almost all the projects. It doesn't try to re-invent the wheel, does not implements everything possible into the huge programming-world like providing comprehensive SEO checks, but makes use of the following well-known libraries : DevIL, FreeType 2, LUA, ODE, libjpeg, libmpeg2, libpng, TinyXML, unzip, ZLib, SDL, DirectX 9, FMOD, GLEW and finally STL.

DevLib is fully compatible (and tested) with Bloodshed's DevCpp, Microsoft's Visual C++ 2003 and Apple's XCode 1.5.

Finally, the library is easy to use. It is distributed with a complete documentation and samples !

This is a quick description of the available features provided by the library :